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Monday, October 6, 2014

'cause ya know, the hype wasn't already enough

You may know that I play Pokemon.
I think I've only mentioned it once, when I said that I had been playing Pokemon Showdown a lot (online battle simulator, helps test teams: http://play.pokemonshowdown.com/), but other than that, I don't think I've talked about it much.
I play Pokemon.
The next Pokemon games are coming out this November, Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, which are actually remakes of older games. The originals had a Pokemon called Rayquaza in it, who was frickin' awesome:
Just look at him! He's a... green snake-dragon that lives in the sky! And protects the world from destruction!
in OR/AS
seriously. look at that BEAST.
guess what
I can't wait for the new pokemon games
Please don't think I'm completely insane.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Someday I'll get my schedule fixed, rawrgh

This is being posted the moment it becomes October
happy October peoplez
on a different note
I would love to have regular blog posts
you see
It just can't be
Anyway, to express my frustration with not being able to get my blog posts in on time (and a lot of other things), I'll write a story about what I fantasize when I'm angry or upset. Don't judge if you think it's weird.

It was really the type of day to be inside; just sort of lazing around, not doing much of anything. The grey sky made promises of soon-to-come rainstorms.
Nobody got to be lazy, though. The PE teacher wasn't payed to do nothing.
The soccer game was going slowly. The teams, unstrategically thrown together, as all PE teams are, really had no idea what they were doing. There were a few trying, though. Mostly all the people who were physically talented.
But one wasn't physically talented.
He got to be on my team.
He was disgusting. Nearly every kick he launched missed by a mile, and if it did hit, it went off in the completely wrong direction.
I thought it time to confront him. What was he doing? Why did he... suck so much?
I asked him as such.
"You think I'm bad?" He sounded as though he actually thought he was any more than garbage.
"Yes. You're terrible. I'm wondering why the teacher even put you on the same team as me."
"I'd watch my words, if I were you." His glare was baleful, yet slightly disinterested, as though I were no immediate threat.
I gave a mirthless chuckle. "I'm not scared of you, little wimp."
"No, you're not. Not yet." He grinned maliciously, as though there was something he wasn't telling me. Of course, there wasn't; how could he possibly beat me in a battle of any kind?
Nonetheless, I wondered what the heck he meant.
Without warning, he stepped back a few paces.
"You may want to stand back."
Nobody listened. They just stared with a skeptical look, disbelieving that he could do anything to touch me.
He knelt down on one knee. The rest of the class started to giggle.
He reached to the ground with one hand, only fingertips making contact. His weight shifted to his arm.
Some of the class began to laugh openly.
Tendrils of red light started to flow from the ground, up his arm, surrounding him with a bright red aura.
The class was silent.
The glow flashed into a blinding red light. Fireballs of energy spun around the red sphere, turning it into a dazzling light show of reds and oranges. The sphere began to float up into the air.
Once it was maybe twenty feet off the ground, the sphere shattered. Shards of red energy flew and dissipated in midair.
A draconic figure emerged from the sphere; long, ragged wings stretched from a slim, streamlined body. Its body was mostly bright orange, with a cream underside that stretched all the way from its slender, fire-tipped tail to its fierce-looking jaw. The leathery skin of its wings was deep blue underneath, in sharp contrast to the rest.
It let out a deep-throated cry. A blast of fire flew into sky, and the clouds that were once there dispersed. The sun shone with an intensity no-one could bear.
The dragon landed heavily and turned to face me.
I could hear the words he would've said, had he been human:
"Are you scared now?"

Friday, September 12, 2014

not to worry, I still love you

Gosh frickin' dangit!
School and general laziness has gotten the better of me once again. Late blog posts for all. Hooray.
Since I'm human and they don't take any responsibility for themselves, I'm just going to blame this fancy new site I found:
Basically, it's a Pokemon battle simulator. Not basically. It is.
It's a lot of fun, and I can also test out cool Pokemon stuff. I like it a lot.
(By the way, if you somehow don't know what Pokemon is, it's a video game where you go around a big country called a region, collecting and battling little creatures called Pokemon. Or big creatures called Pokemon. Or Pokemon that control the laws of nature. You fight bad guys, beat Champions, all that deal.)
Also, I didn't just find it; I'd been hearing about it, since it's super popular, and decided to give a whirl.
It's super awesome.
Anyway, sorry for the late post. I'll try not to make it a regular thing, though no promises shall be made.
Oh! So here's a thing. Recently my dad ordered a whole ton of assorted Lego sets for my family, and part of the package was the Lego Advent Calendars (which at this point is now a tradition, beginning from the first Star Wars one). We got the Friends one for Susannah (my sister, I don't think I've ever talked about her here), the Star Wars one for me, and the City one for my mom, who jumped up and down in delight when she saw it. It was funny.
But anyway, here's what I wanted to show you:

There's the front cover of the Star Wars one, yeah?
Pretty normal.
But now, I want you to look closer. At the bottom of the box. Near the center, but a little to the right. Do

such cute
very awesome
Maybe I'll do a review on it or something once all the sets are built, at the end of December.
I also got the newest Lego Minecraft set (that's another game that I like), which was the End:

I already have all three of the other ones. Maybe I'll do a review of this too or something. I dunno. Maybe.
I dunno! I think that's all for me for today, though. Lots of random here's-this-and-here's-that stuff. Maybe someday I'll actually start doing posts with an actual theme. Maybe. Someday.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

skewl is more kewl but still krewl

I like summer. Don't you?
It's wonderful! A three-month long vacation (from school, at least) with close to no responsibilities, and you can do whatever the entire time? Awesome!
but then
at the end of the three months
you go
'Cause it's time for school again.
If you read my most recent post that isn't this one, then you'd know that I'm going into high school this year... I guess my dad wants me to write a post about how it is start school up again.
I'm going to Santa Rosa High School, in the ArtQuest program, taking both theater arts and choir.
High school has been a bit better than the rest of my school career, but not much. The homework toll is still awful; hours on hours of doing the EXACT SAME math problems over and over and over again. I know how to do inequalities! And number lines suck.
My drama and choir classes are pretty good though. Except for the part where I had a cold during the first week or so of school, so guess where my choir classes went?
to crapland
My ear even got stuffed up, completing my inability to sing. That was awful.
Also, having large amounts of mucus firing from my nose while I was trying to talk and act and stuff sucks. Especially when there are no available tissues nearby.
I'm taking Algebra 2 this year... all review so far... sooooooo boooorrrrririiiiiinnnngggggggg
...and I'm reading Of Mice And Men for English (AQ and Honors!)... again...
I've got PE for my last period, which is fine, because I don't have to worry about taking a jacket or something and then having to take it off halfway through the period, like I would if it was earlier. Nope, it's just blazing hot the entire time. Fun for me.
I actually thought that the "activities" were going to be something fun. But nope! we just get to play football. yay
I've got some friends from my previous school going there, and slowly making new ones...
I guess that's really it. It's fine... I guess...
I don't know why my dad thought this was a good idea
but whatever
I wrote it
it's over
leave now

Monday, September 1, 2014

The Return of the Megadork (I hope)

Have ya missed me?
Yup, it's been a while. School screws three posts a week. I haven't even had one post in more than a week.
Yeah, I started school.
...homework sucks.
Every single dang night I've stayed up 'till or past my bedtime. And then I have to get up at 6, and I have my alarm clock set for 5:30.
Is not nice it is.
My brother and I were going to write a co-op post for all the peoples, but I think we some practice on that.
...a tiny bit.
Anyway, this is mostly a post for the purpose of "Hey! I didn't actually die from that cold," and now that I think about taking a break right after that post about being sick is really creepy and horrifying.
I didn't really take a break, it's just that I didn't have any time to do anything.
I don't think I'm going to make myself write three posts every weekend, so it's probably going to revert back to one and MAYBE two every week, either on Monday or Wednesday. Probably Monday, and any extra will be Wednesday.
school's nice, I guess.
I'm in high school now, and I'm going to Santa Rosa High School. It's pretty cool. and stuff
I ate a burrito today for lunch
probably both on the day I write this and on the day this is posted
...I guess that's it for now.
I think I'll be doing another post Wednesday, though. About what? No idea? Tune in next time to find out!

Monday, August 18, 2014

ahm a zoombeh nao (I'm a zombie now)

You know what sucks? Being sick.
You know what sucks even worse? Being so sick that you wake up at five-thirty in the morning, unable to move due to a combination of dog at your feet and being sick, not caring about the fact that 1. you are drooling all over your pillow, 2. you really REALLY need to pee, and 3. your nose is dripping all kinds of snot.
Does anybody like getting a cold? I thought not.
I don't even know why viruses exist. Not even like like I wonder why mosquitoes exist, though. They simply... shouldn't exist.
That has a double meaning. The first is "OH MY GOSH WHY ARE YOU HERE I HATE YOU," and the second is "How did this even happen? It's not even living. It doesn't even have a base instinct to survive, like microbes do!"
It's just... so... weird.
So, let's see about this. A virus is a string of genetic code in a sack of protein, right? So... what?
I guess I need to get my questions for this sorted out now. Here we go:
#1. How did viruses come into being? Did they "evolve" after or before true life was created?
#2. How do they respond to their environment? It's the one trait they share with living organisms. But how do they do it? They have no sensory organs, or organelles as they are called in the microscopic world.
#3. Why is it that they have to reproduce? They have no instincts at all! THEY DON'T LIVE!
I don't even know. Maybe I'll go do some research and come back with...


...this stuff.
#1. Viruses are the most abundant type of biological entity?!? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
#2. Not even Wikipedia is sure how viruses happened. See above link.
#3. Viruses apparently help evolution go along using HGT (horizontal gene transfer)... wat
#4. They can evolve through natural selection, 'cause ya know, those things die SO OFTEN! I hate 'em.
You're thinking I have the answer to whole thing right now, don't I? Dang it, I wish!
I don't know. I can't seem to get anything the information. Except maybe the second half of question #1 was answered... Wikipedia says that some may have evolved from plasmids and some may have evolved from bacteria. I, honestly, have no idea.
My theory is that viruses are actually alien space-robots, sent here by a most malicious alien race when the Earth was still young, and have since changed into strange horrible zombie-cells. Wanting to share their pain with the world, they infect everything to make them feel like zombies.
Yes! I've done it! It's a completely solid, sound theory! It's totally airtight! NOTHING CAN PROVE ME WRONG NOW! My discoveries will be spread across the globe, and I will be renowned as the most intelligent person to have ever existed! YES! MUAHAHAHA, MY PLAN FOR WORLD DOMINATION IS FINALLY COMING INTO REALITY! And, we will defeat the viruses, once and for all -- WITH SYMPATHY!
Now, to figure out what those mosquitoes are all about...

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Big Ball of Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey Stuff

Whiya, third post incoming!
Like the title reference? I do too. That right there is a good show, Doctor Who is.
Unfortunately, we’re not here to discuss Doctor Who, or even real time travel. Instead, I would like to discuss something more like time... travel. Without the traveling bit.
To rephrase: rewriting history.
I don’t know why I wonder about these sorts of things, but I do. Have some background information. Well, information information. Stuff. Just read.
So you have the present, a moment in time where stuff happens. The stuff happens in the present and then becomes the past, and the stuff that waits to be the present is the future. What happens in the past determines the present, and what happens in the present determines the future.
What I was wondering is this: if you could change one tiny thing in the present or past, how much would it change the future?
Say we have two situations: Present #1 and Present #2. There is only one difference between the two Presents: a breath of air has changed its course by, maybe, 5 degrees to the west. What happens then?
It may seem like an extremely minute, unimportant change, but if I’m correct, then this could be huge. Maybe that one speck of pollen that was destined to land on that flower in Present #1 didn’t in Present #2, and the flower died without ever reproducing, causing the entire species to die out, spreading famine throughout the globe, changing evolution forever. Maybe the wind was at just the right angle to push the baseball into the batter’s swing zone in Present #1, allowing the undefeated team to win again, but in Present #2 the batter swung wildly and the defending team won, altering sports history. Or maybe the wind blew on that worksheet just enough in Present #1 and it flew away, never to be seen again, while in Present #2 the owner of the paper kept his work and presented his findings to the world, suddenly revered as a genius.
Maybe in Present #1 someone slurred one of their words, making the other person in the conversation mishear and do something completely different from what the first person told them to do, causing that super-criminal to get away and live to commit new crimes, and in Present #2 the second person heard loud and clear and apprehended the dangerous man, putting a stop to his rampaging.
Maybe... well, I don’t feel like making up any more examples. I’m sure you get what I mean, though.
Maybe I'm just not smart, though, and this has been recognized by... everyone ever.
Did you think it was interesting? I hope so...